General Parking Conditions

General Parking Conditions

Article 1

Parking is reserved for customers of the company CMA Sam during their shopping and for a limited duration of one hour.

Anyone parking a vehicle in violation of the provisions of this article is liable for an occupation fee of 50 euros per hour of occupancy. The started hour is fully due.

Any vehicle parked in violation of the provisions of this article may be relocated, at the initiative of the company CMA SAM, to a paid public parking at the expense and risks of its owner.

Article 2

Only passenger cars designated as tourist vehicles are allowed to park.

Parking spaces are marked on the ground with painted lines, so customers must park within these limits.

When a customer parks their vehicle next to another, they must ensure to leave sufficient space for door opening.

Customers must park in reverse.

Customers are required to comply with the rules of the road code.

Customers must take all necessary measures to prevent any inconvenience or disturbance to the parking area and the establishment of the company CMA SAM.

In case of a breakdown of a parked vehicle, it will be removed by the company CMA SAM at the expense and risks of its owner.

In case of obstructive, incorrect, or irregular parking, the vehicle may be moved by the company CMA SAM at the expense and risks of the owner, without the liability of the company CMA SAM or its agents being sought.

Article 3

Parking takes place at the user's and the vehicle owner's own risk. The price collected is for parking and not for deposit, custody, or surveillance of the vehicle or its contents.

The company CMA SAM assumes no obligation to guard and cannot be held liable, in any way, in the event of an accident, damage, or theft of the vehicle or its contents.

Customers are advised not to leave any objects in the parked vehicle.

Drivers operate and maneuver their vehicles under their sole and entire responsibility.

Vehicle drivers are responsible for accidents and damages caused by clumsiness, malicious intent, or any other cause. They will be specifically responsible for the financial cost of repairing damages caused to facilities and equipment.

Customers are required to immediately report to the company CMA SAM any accidents or damages they have caused or observed.

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